Want to Look Like the Stars? Find Out the Skin and Beauty Celebrity Secrets

Any celebrity knows that the key to achieving true beauty is by making what is on the inside beautiful first. Well, kind of. Our skin tends to reflect our lifestyle, from the time we spend in the sun, to the amount of sleep we got the night before. Aging beauties like Madonna and Christie Brinkley may lead glamorous lives, but they also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Late nights, long hours in the sun, a poor diet, and not getting enough water all contribute to a poor complexion, and speed up the aging process. Fabulous hot spots like the French Riviera see tons of celebutants and famous characters soaking up the sun, but any diva knows that sunscreen and fake baking are her two best friends.

A proper diet accompanied by constant hydration is a celebrity secret must for battling a dull complexion. If you suffer from acne scarring, or if your skin tone is uneven, don't forget to take your vitamins! Vitamin c and zinc, which protect and strengthen your skin, as well as flaxseed oil, which prevents clogged pores by thinning the blood in your skin, all come in capsule form and can be purchased at your local health food store, or can be found in foods like oranges, milk, beans, and meat.

Most people can't find a place in their budget for the Botox, inject-able fillers, and laser treatments that celebrities swear by. Fortunately, the secret to younger skin doesn't have to come with a sky-high price tag. Exfoliating daily with a mild cleanser is vital for removing dead skin cells from the face, and chemical peels, a favorite of many celebrities, completely scrub away the damaged top layer of you skin. If you aren't too keen to shell out the dough for a chemical peel, pick up a daily face peel product such as MD Skincare Alpha Daily Face Peel.

Acne lurks behind every corner, and sadly, it claims adults as well as teenagers as its victim. To ward off unfortunate spots, wash your face thoroughly every night, making sure that you have removed every speck of makeup from your skin, and then clean your face with a mild cleanser. Topical products such as Pro Activ, whose celebrity endorsements include Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Williams, are great for maintaining clear skin, and are often strong enough to quickly fade sudden breakouts.

Celebrity skin and beauty secrets aren't necessarily all about the latest under-the-knife trends, or the newest creams and lotions. Healthy living, preventative care, and a proper skin regime will take your far- and an occasional indulgence will get you ready for your close up.


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