The Celebrity Eclipse

I am like a lot of people in the world; I wonder what it would be like to be a celebrity and live the life of waking up to a Mimosa and pancakes served to me at my home swimming pool. I dream about looking at the waterfall in the morning at the pool and wondering about the poor souls that don't have what I have. It makes me feel a little bit guilty to have so much money for things I like to do, and the material possessions I have. It's enough to make the common layman very jealous I suppose, but I have what I have because I work hard and act according to how my fans expect me to act, and when I don't I get put up in news stands all over the world. Now that in itself is reason enough to get paid the enormous amount of money I make as a celebrity.

Imagine every moment of each day being scrutinized for who I am and who I sleep with. If I am married, my fans want to know what kind of dress my wife may have on at the academy awards and her shoes. My god, do you have these types of questions put to you each and every day. I sip some more of my champagne and orange juice as I do every day that I am home and that is not often. I travel to do promotions and usually for a film even if I have a small part in the film. I travel well over six months out of the year and live in lavish hotel rooms. They are suites and the best in the world, yet it is not home. You know what its like to be away from home, it really does not matter where you are at, and you still miss your own bed and the comfort of your cat and dog.

Yes, being a celebrity is not what I had intended on becoming. It is a following when you hit it big in a film or music recording that this happens to you and it changes you for the better or worse. It depends on if you can handle this. Most young kids in their twenties start using designer drugs and drive Lamborgini's and spend their money foolishly, yet they are able to like I am. You can run out, it just takes a celebrity longer. I hold dear to my money and close to my wife so I don't end up in a tabloid somewhere in East Germany or somewhere like that. You have to really watch what you're doing and saying, one slip could cost you your entire career. Oh well, it's getting about noon now and time to get packed and slip onto the jet and go to New York for a publicity stunt, and then to Saudi Arabia to open a new hotel in Dubai. Life is on track like normal.

I suddenly awake and here I am at home with this wild dream of being a celebrity and now not sounding so great. Wow, I am happy just being whom I am, and that's just a photographer that chases celebrities. I have it made no one wants to be my friend, and I am a loner. I guess I should go easy on these celebrities, but they put themselves in my hands. I have to make a living.


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