It's Not a Lifestyle Choice

Whether you realize it or not, every one of us knows someone that struggles with an eating disorder. Whether they are an over eater, bulimic, anorexic or have some other kind of eating disorder, we know someone that has a problem with food. What most don't realize is that having an eating disorder is a disease and not a lifestyle choice. This is a common celebrity health issue for many actresses on the big screen. This is largely due to the fluctuation of rolls played. One movie may require a size two model while another immediately afterward may want someone that has a more matronly figure. This requires a lot of weight gain and loss in a quick amount of time. Any medical news article will tell you this is very unhealthy, but never the less, is the choice that many women and men make.

Many eating disorders are brought on by social, behavioral and psychological issues and surroundings of a person. The influence of friends and family plays a huge part in eating disorders. No matter how thin someone may be, if they are continuously being told otherwise, they are going to start believing it, and then inevitably, act accordingly. As devastating as this is, you hear about it all the time in medical news.

In many cases, people are literally starving themselves to death. Until the person with the eating disorder recognizes for themselves that they are perfect just the way that they are, they will continue to have poor body image, bad self esteem and unhealthy dieting practices. There is no amount of praise or anything else that you can give someone with an eating disorder to make them change their mind until they see it in themselves.

What a child sees in a movie or television is what they are going to remember as being socially acceptable in body size. The United States is the absolute worst at portraying an unrealistic view of what the female form should look like, so much so that eighty percent of ten year old girls are afraid of being fat. That is the message that celebrity health issues are sending to our baby girls. In reality, the average female is between a size ten and twenty. By celebrity, clothing and society's standards, everyone in these sizes is obese. Providing education and help for those in need of it at an accessible level for everyone to obtain is a key element in helping to stop some of the food abuse that is going on.

Food is there for nourishment to our bodies. It is not something to use as a combatant for depression or seen as an enemy. Help and recovery are available for eating disorders. It is hard work, but it can be done! Without food we would all be in trouble as the 50,000 people that die each year of eating disorders have already found out. Don't be number 50,001; educate yourself, friends and family on the dangers of eating disorders and food addiction.


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