Easter Delights

Easter is just a few weeks away so, I wanted to scour around the web to find some really extraordinary sweets, treats and delightful decorations for all my awesome followers out there.  I think you're really going to love what I found and bow respectfully to those wonderful individuals, who came up with the original ideas.  You'll be able to go directly to their sites for directions and recipes.  Hope you enjoy.
Delectable Cake Pops In The Shape of Easter Bunnies and Eggs.  You Can Find The Recipe at
The Following Link http://www.bakerella.com/easter-cake-pops-part-two

Easter Egg Wreath 

Another Easter craft activity is to create wreaths. These can be made on a paper plate with a ring cut out of the center. First cover the wreath with straw or spray paint it silver or gold. Then decorate it with flowers, fluffy toy chickens, eggs, ribbons or cutouts of colored egg shapes that have been decorated. Add a ribbon to the top to hang it from and you have your own unique wreath.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Dress up plain hard-boiled or blown-out eggs with paint and crafty trims.  Click on the picture for directions.


Egg Crate Decor

Spray paint an empty egg carton with a soft pastel spray paint (preferably yellow, green,pink or purple).  Place small, clear plastic cups inside the groves, fill with water and small petaled flowers like crocus, tea roses and petunias.

Felt Bunnies

Click Here for Instructions.  Cute, adorable and very easy to sew.

Easter Table Decor

Start with a large-mouth clear cookie jar or canister and place a clear drinking glass in the center. Gently stack dyed, hard-cooked eggs between the glass and jar, alternating egg colors.  Fill the glass with water. Cut the stems of your favorite flowers (you can use roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, hyacinth, and bells of Ireland) to the desired length, and arrange them in the glass.

Jelly Bean Topiary

Learn how to make this colorful arrangement by clicking here.