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The world of celebrity gossip columns are not just stories that you read. It's also a sneak peek into a life that is very different from the one that you are living. I'm not being judgmental here and saying that the lifestyle that the celeb gossip sites propagate is something that I endorse. I'm saying that the life and times that you read about in the pages of entertainment news sites is different to your and mine. It's the lifestyle of the rich and the famous. It's the life we like to read about and know more about.

The celebrity gossip sites offer you a trip to the personal lives of the celebs. You have always wondered how the relationship is between the celeb and his significant other. You have always wondered how they behave when they come across their exes at parties and other events. Celeb gossip sites put a stop to your speculations. On the entertainment news portals you can read all about these relationships and their changing dynamics. The way celebrities interact with their near and dear ones is another matter of curiosity for the common folks.

Celebrity gossip site tell you about the special occasions in their lives. Their fairytale weddings, their lavish banquets, their lush green gardens- it's a different world altogether. Celeb gossip sites bring you exclusive pictures and paparazzi scoops about their marriages. These pictures are sold by the celebs for millions of dollars. The money is sometimes good enough to sponsor the entire wedding! The coming of the internet has ensured that you get real time updates about marriages and break-ups. Similar incidents happen when the stork visits.

The celebrity gossip sites follow the pregnant celebrity like a trusted companion! Her diet, her day care, her other activities during the day and her advice to would-be mothers like her are documented exhaustively in the celeb gossip columns. You have many women drawing inspiration from her if the celeb happens to be a single working mother. Entertainment news sites also publish inspirational stories about their courage and resilience. Life is hard for these celebs as well, what with money and fame as their chief worries. They are stalked and harassed as well. Their stories of fighting for right do light the flame in a number of souls.

If you are a celebrity gossip lover, you'd surely be interested in their fashion. What the celebs wear becomes high street fashion, forget the fashion weeks! Celeb gossip sites splash snaps of the celebs turning out for events or other mundane activities and you get blown away by their clothes, their cars and their elegance. The entertainment news channels go the whole way in helping you indulge in your pursuit of fashion.


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