New From Lancome: Metallic Artliners

In the past couple of months I've gone from 'I'll only ever wear black eyeliner' to 'Hey, what's this purple all about?'. I'm still not going to cover my entire eyelid in turquoise eye shadow and paint my lips cerise pink, but I'm warming up to splashes of colour in eye makeup.

At last week's Lancôme meet I played with some new liners that made me want to cross over to the bright side. My swatches aren't great because the tips were running dry by the time I got to them, but just look how vivid the colours are (if you're a brown-eyed girl, please go for that blue and let me know how it works out):

The black one is awesome, but ignore it for now.
YSL Metallic Artliner Swatches: Violet Vibrant, Bleu Métal,
Vert Chromé. As I said, don't judge the line consistency,
this is just to give you and idea of the colours. 

If you haven't used a Lancome Artliner before, the tip really is something special. It has a rubbery texture that makes 'gliding' over the skin your only option really - even the most unstable of hands should be able to get a straight line with this one.

Lancome Metallic Artliners FLTR:
Bleu Metal, Vert Chromé, Violet Vibrant

They're on shelves already, and you can get them from Lancome counters at R305 each.

C xx

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