Truth to be told, I am not anymore happy with what Im doing.

Yes, I'm stressed but it should not matter. If I love what I'm doing, at the end of the day, I'll sleep with no worry and wakes up looking forward for the day.

But what's happening is the total opposite. I'm dreading everyday I go to work. I don't even have the energy to start my task. I don't know where to start and how to end.

I'm satisfied with my previous task and I'm loving it. But unfortunately, I was given a new task and moved to a new core group, and honestly, I am not loving it, nor closer to liking.

It's like this task is draining my energy everyday. My brain can't produce any idea anymore. I don't even like to smile cause I feel dead inside. I'm like a robot built to do what was commanded. No feelings, no emotions and can't even say No. And I don't want to talk to someone coz I fear I might burst to tears if I start blabbing.

So. Here is where I end up. Ruining my blog. Blabbing nonsense just to ease what I'm feeling. Please just ignore this. Kapeesh? :)

Nail Art

Nail Art is a creative way of making your fingernails to look pretty. It's a type of art by drawing pictures or designing a decorative art on your fingernails. It is one of the latest craze among teenagers and young-at-heart today. No wonder, most of teenage girls are spending time at a nail art salon. You can pick any design that suits your preference and lifestyle.

Here are some sample of coolest nail art designs:


Max's Restaurant opens at Abreeza Mall Davao


Catch the opening of Max's Restaurant's newest branch located in the Abreeza Mall Davao. Max's restaurant will officially open along with the grand opening of the mall and along with the rest of the shops on May 12, 2011.

On their opening grab the Chicken Experience and other different activies. Surprises awaits the restaurant's lucky customers! The first ten customers who order one whole chicken for dine-in will get one month supply of Max's fried chicken for free.

Catch also their other promo within their opening, exclusive for dine-in only:

Chicken-All-You-Can, from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.
Get free ice cream, party balloons and visor for kid customers.

See you there!

Ayala's first mall in Mindanao, Abreeza Mall Davao is located along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. Visit Max’s Restaurant at the 2nd floor of of the mall.

Photo courtesy of James Malibiran.

3 Idiots

One of my top-of-list best movie today is the 2009 Indian comed film 3 Idiots. The film is about the three 'idiot' student as they struggle their way out of college.

Rancho, Farhan and Raju met at the Imperial College of Engineering (ICE) where they are all engineering students and shares a room in the dormitory. Farhan is a son of a father who wanted him to be an engineer. Farhan pursue he's father's wish despite of his wish to become a wildlife photographer. Raju is from a poor family with a sick father, unwed sister and a weeping mother. Raju is studying engineering to help his family rise above poverty. Rancho is the rebel among them, always questioning things and have different perspective in education. He plays as a fool but actually a real-brainer. He always tops the class, however, he's friends are always flunkeys. Despite of this, he encourages his friends and help them to graduate.

During their stay in the college, Rancho and his friends earn the wrath of Professor Virus, the college director. Because of this, he attempted many times to break up Rancho's friendship to Farhan and Raju.

Despite Rancho's fun and frolic, he surprises everyone by topping the class. Pia, the directors's daughter, even fall in love with him because of his kindness helping his friend and makes them realize their true calling - Farhan being a wildilfe photographer and Raju stepping out of his fears.

On their Graduation Day, after being awarded the best in their class, Rancho suddenly and mysteriously disappear without saying goodbye to his friends.

Years later, Farhan and Raju received a call from Silencer, Rancho's rival in class and now a wealthy businessman that promised to become more successful than him, that he found Rancho's whereabouts. Soon, they found themselves on a journey to find Rancho.

When they found Rancho's house, they found a different Rancho. They learned their friend Rancho, real name as Chhote, substitute the real Rancho in school since he disliked to study. Soon, Rancho revealed that their friend is a school teacher a small town.

They come out searching for Chhote/Rancho now named as Phunsukh Wangdu, a famous scientist and prospective businessman associate of Silencer.

The film 3 Idiots is a story of great friendship, unending hope, aspirations and goodness of life.

Upon watching the film, I got some quotes to ponder.

"With such fear of tomorrow, why live today?" - Rancho

"Life is a race, if you don't run fast, you'll get trampled." - Farhan

"Your friend fails, you feel bad. Your friend tops, you fell worse." - Farhan

"Don't chase success, be a good engineer. Success will chase you." - Rancho