Celebrities and Shoes

Some of us hate the promotion of substandard shoes with the aid of major celebrities. The marketing teams within these shoe making industries will argue that the advertising concentrates on the personality of the celebrity. Of course this is nonsense because celebrities have different backgrounds and personalities. Serena Williams and Roger Federer both promote Nike. However you could not find two athletes that are dissimilar in disposition as these two. Both of them have risen to the top of their games but they have different playing styles and personalities. Serena is fiery and uncontrolled whereas Federer is poetry on the court. It would be a schizophrenic approach to insist that a single person ought to posses these two qualities. The bare truth is that these two are celebrities and they sell stuff. That means that the marketing teams cannot afford to miss the opportunity to stick them to the products that are being sold. It may be slightly unethical but that is the reality of the market at the moment.

Clear strategies for marketing shoes

Having accepted the fact that major celebrities are part of the process of selling shoes, it then becomes the responsibility of the marketing teams to ensure that this illusion is kept alive. The celebrity will typically endorse products that they rarely wear. Some of them might not even like the product. The theory is that the average member of the public is so taken up by the glamour of the celebrity lifestyle that they are willing to believe absolutely anything that fits in with their idealized view of the world. In many cases this theory is quite accurate and it captures the machinations of the industry as well as the responses by members of the public. Of course the discerning shoppers might be able to see beyond the marketing hype and come up with the right methods for dealing with the shopping experience. Far too often these discerning shoppers are in the minority. The majority of people believe the hype that is sold to them. That is why dishonest politicians keep getting elected.

Shoes are meant to be an expression of your personality. If you are merely following the celebrity trail, then it becomes clear that you are losing your personality. It is important for consumers to be given choices in the products that they buy. This will ensure that they are in a position to express their personalities. It also means that there is no special pressure on the general public to accept products that are not really up to scratch when it comes to quality standards. That is the nature of the business and it will ultimately determine the outlook for the public as well as the measures that are taken to ensure that people look smart. The next time you see a celebrity advert for a shoe, it is in your interests to recognize that you are being manipulated. If you grasp these facts well then you can reduce the impact of the exploitation in due course. It will also mean that you have happier outcomes.


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