Celebrity Celibacy

From our vantage point from afar, the celebrity lifestyle seems to be bursting at the seams with glitz, glamour and high profile relationships. But for many years, there have been those in the public eye that have chosen to abstain from having sex before they were married, or in some cases have chosen to be celibate for life. Read about some of the world's celibate celebrities who are unlikely ever to need STD testing.

Sir Isaac Newton
Following his influential discoveries regarding gravity, Sir Isaac Newton undoubtedly earned the 17th Century equivalent of a celebrity status. However, he did not choose a particularly glittering way of life, preferring to focus all his energies on his research. It is said that Newton chose to remain a virgin throughout his life so that he would not get distracted from his work. Had STD testing been around in his day, he would not have been a suitable candidate.

Sir Cliff Richard
English singer and songwriter Sir Cliff Richard started out his career as a rock star. However, his music softened as did his lifestyle, when he converted to strict Christianity. The second of the Sirs in this article who is unlikely to need STD testing, Richard has since openly declared his Christian beliefs and his celibacy to be of great importance to him.

Lisa Kudrow
This star is best known for her role in hit sitcom 'Friends', in which she played popular character Phoebe. The character of Phoebe, who remains unmarried until the final season of the comedy show, regularly tells stories of the various dates she has been on and makes frequent allusions to her sexual escapades.


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