Jennamarbles Drunk Makeup Tutorial


We've all been there. Scrap that, I'VE been there - having to make yourself presentable after daytime drinking. This hilarious work of art was brought to my attention by @bryony_w, and is NSFW if you're colleagues' are sensitive to colourful language. I was cracking up around the 4 minute mark. Just in time for a little daydrinking on a Friday. *reaches for vodka*

Thanks B!

C xx

Review: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter

If you haven't spotted Benefit's funky Vintage packaging, go have a look in any major Woolies' cosmetic department - you'll be sure to want everything. And they really do have all the pretty things you can imagine lusting after - from primers and concealers to blushers, eyeshadows, highlighters and mascaras.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl

But back to Girl Meets Pearl... I love this illuminating miracle worker because it is pink with gold flecks. This way you have your enlivening, youthful sheen (pink) as well as warmth and extra light reflection (gold). It's always difficult to capture illuminators/highlighters on camera, but I tried:

Swatch: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

You (hopefully) get the idea

It doesn't slide off, the shimmer is beautiful and it does a great job of enhancing good features. Remember that, unless you're on the red carpet, less highlighter is more - accentuate a few contours like the cheek bones, brow bones and collar bones. Never use highlighter over areas with imperfections (large pores, fine lines, breakouts) as it will most definitely accentuate them. Also remember to keep the rest of your skin perfectly matte when you're using a product like this - oily disco ball is not a good look on anybody. Apply on its own or over foundation.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl is available from Woolworths, RRP R295

C xx

Lip Stain Review: Revlon Just Bitten

Those of you who pay attention will know that I'm not very phased about lipsticks and glosses. They look pretty and all, but I end up with half of whatever I'm wearing all over my face and teeth, and it's just too much of a muchness as far as I'm concerned.

One of the handful of lippies that won me over recently was Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain. You colour in your lips with what looks and feels like a highlighter pen (a friend pointed out that there's a certain naughty/forbidden element to it, its like drawing on someone with permanent marker), flip it over to apply a slick of lip balm, and you're sorted for HOURS.

I can't say that I haven't been thinking of drawing
pictures on people's faces when they're fast asleep...

It's a proper stain, so you can't really wipe/rub it off once it's on. It immediately sinks in, which will leave your lips feeling slightly dry if you don't follow with the lip balm. Of the two shades I got, I absolutely love Victorian. It's a cherry pink-red that would suit just about anyone, and I love that it creates an I'm-not-really-trying-too-hard-I-just-have-naturally-awesome-lips vibe.

No lip colour

Swatched: Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Victorian

Revlon just bitten swatches:
Victorian (left) and Forbidden (right)

Revlon Just Bitten is available in 11 shades,
so you're sure to find one you like. The 
side? The shades have annoying vampire-movie 
inspired names like Desire, Dawn, Twilight, 
Midnight, Mystical... We get it, we get it.

You can decide on how intense you want the colour to be - if you want it darker, you just apply more of it. Just be careful until you've found your happy medium, 'cos once it sits, it sits. So hopefully if you bump into me this winter, I won't be all pale lipped...

Revlon Just Bitten is available at a RRP of R105.

C xx

Hair Tutorial: Two Ways to do the Fashionable Messy Ballet Bun

If you like the high-fashion messy-but-chic buns that are hot news right now (but love your hair too much to tease and abuse it) you've come to the right place.

You'll need: A Denman bun ring (R40, DisChem), bobby pins,
two hair bands (one was in my hair already).

Method one (Traditional Method): Most suitable for fine, thin and shorter hair.

Step 1: Pull hair into a ponytail and secure with elastic band. Make sure the ponytail is at the height you would like the bun to be.

Step 2: Slip the bun ring (pictured above) through the ponytail, and hold in place with one hand (pictured below).

Step 3: Spread hair evenly in all directions around the bun ring, and secure with another hair band (picture below).

Step 4: Take the hair strands that are sticking out from underneath the elastic, and start wrapping them around and tucking them in. Use bobby pins to secure them. 

Step 5: When you're done, you can mess the bun up as much or as little as you want by scrunching the bun-part or tugging at a few strands of hair, until you have acheived your desired look.

This method did not work for me - my hair is too long, too thick, and too straight, it seems - there was way more hair outside of the bun than inside, making for an awkward-looking tower on my head (pictured below).

I decided to improvise.

Method two (Poppie Method): Most suitable for longer, thicker hair

Steps 1 and 2: as above

Step 3: Spread hair evenly in all directions around the bun, but instead of securing with an elastic band, start tucking in strands of hair under the bun with bobby pins - don't worry about the ends yet.

Step 4: When you've gone all the way round and you look like a peacock, start gathering the remaining loose ends with more bobby pins (you might even attempt a hair band at this stage if you're hair is really long, just make sure you keep wrapping and tucking hair around it.

Step 5: Scrunch and tug if it's not messy enough. End result is pictured below. Next time (which is probs tomorrow, I might be hooked now) I'm going to make it a little higher.

What do you think?

C xx

Cell Phones ~ Our Next Credit Card?

Are you just as amazed as I what smartphones can do with today's technology?  Blows my mind, that's for sure!  My hand actually shook the very first time I gave my credit card information to purchase something online.  Now, years later, I'm doing all of my banking online.  We truly are a trusting breed when it comes to using the latest and greatest gadget to make our lives easier.  Are we too trusting?  In 2011 alone, there were more than 425 million mobile monthly active users alone according to Mobile Marketing Experts.  Cell phone manufacturers are getting serious about integrating Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into smartphone applications for retail transactions.

This technology will actually enable smartphones and other devices to communicate when close together ... as easy as waving your smartphone in front of a retailer’s terminal and your purchase will be automatically deducted from your credit card. Holy Moly!  Right now it hasn't been enthusiastically embraced in the US, but Tokyo passengers are buying train tickets with this new up-and-coming system. And a Swedish company is testing cell phones to use as hotel keys.  The potential is pretty astounding, when you take the time to wrap your brain around it.  The usage could be limitless:  tracking your fillings at your dentist's office, paying for your groceries, checking out the menu at local restaurants, can be copied onto posters, books and signs.

Will it truly be safe?  Experts are saying, "safer than a credit card," because the transmission is very short range and the information is encrypted and password-protected.  I know individuals who have had accounts hacked into that were also encrypted and password-protected.  Let's hope these so-called experts remove all of the bugs and "possibilities" before they offer it to the US market. 

Skincare Review: Prevage Day and Night Creams

A couple of months ago some renewed and revamped Elizabeth Arden Prevage products were launched (read about it here) and since then I've been using the Prevage Day Intensive Anti Ageing Moisture Cream SPF30 (R985) and Prevage Anti Ageing Restorative Night Cream (R1085).

I decided to ignore all the other lotions and potions that are waiting to be reviewed (that was very hard), and I've been using these two creams for about 7 weeks now. I did this to give it a proper 'trial', and because the ingredients are quite active - I wanted peak performance from them.

Prevage Day Intensive Anti Ageing Moisture Cream SPF30
Clever packaging, hey?

One of the main innovations when relaunching was to switch from Idebenone to Idebenone Esters - the active ingredient is 'padded', if you will, making penetration gentler, and release slower. This makes for a product that's easier to tolerate - more sensitive skin types that previously reacted to the active ingredient should now be able to use Prevage products. Don't think it's less effective now though - if anything, its more active because the Idebenone is now dispersed in a time-release fashion, meaning you'll get anti-oxidant action for a way longer period than before.

Prevage Anti Ageing Restorative Night Cream. Even MORE
clever packaging.

My Experience: It's still a pretty potent product, and I had some tingling/burning a few days after I started using the day and night cream. I stepped it down a notch and set the night cream aside for a week, which improved it immediately, and then started over again. This time round my skin tolerated it very well, and I've been enjoying the rich textures. There is also a definite improvement in skin tone - pigmentation is less obvious, and overall texture seems smoother and healthier than its been in over a year now. The creams definitely are for dry skins though - especially the day cream - so if you're towards the combination side (or prone to breakouts) rather use one of the other creams from the line. I also LOVE the SPF30 in the day cream - ingredients this active normally make me quite nervous about 'missing a spot' when applying sunscreen over moisturiser.

It was definitely worth ignoring all the other pretty creams and serums that have been waiting patiently to be reviewed. I used it far from sparingly, making sure my neck and decolleté were also included, since that's where most of my sun damage is. The day cream is just about finished, but I can still get a few weeks out of the night cream. Some of those pretty lotions and potions will just have to wait a little longer ;)

C xx