Moves to Slim Down That Muffin Belly

Before I recommend an exercise video I've come across, I like to try it out myself to determine the true impact.  OMG !!!!  If you want great workouts for abs,  I hurt for three full days after doing these moves.  Not looking to scare you away but, if you want to strengthen your core and work those ABS, this will do it.  It's always good to switch it up ladies and why not go with something that really works.

<a href='' target='_new' title='Reveal Your Abs for Good' >Video: Reveal Your Abs for Good</a>

Share A Christmas Wreath Design Blog Hop


Happy Holidays ladies!  This is my very first blog hop, "Whoo Hoo!"  So, I apologize in advance for any blunders the first of which I confess was figuring out the correct time stamp date on my digital camera. Ugh!  I wrestled with this I can't tell you how long and just gave up so ... onward to the fun part.  This Christmas Wreath Blog Hop is simple.  Share your wreath design instructions or just a photo of one you love to inspire and bring joy to someone's home for the holiday.  You don't need to follow 15 steps to participate just 3 easy ones.  (1) Become a Follower of The Girlz Korner via email or Google (2) grab my button and linky code below and post about the hop on your blog to share with others posting the instructions of a wreath you perhaps made yourself with a photo or just add a  photo of a wreath you love in your post.  (3) When you add your information below to join the blog hop, make sure the link you add is the one that goes directly to your post so our visitors will see your wreaths.

My wreath only cost me $25 to make mostly because I bought everything during an end of season sale at Michael's.  The pine cones I collected from Mother Nature and tipped the edges with gold paint from the craft store.  If you don't know how to make a bow like mine, just follow the instructions on this awesome link

Hope you enjoy ~