Achieving Even Just a Little Momentum Means it is Time to Celebrate

When we start something we are filled with energy and enthusiasm because we are about to embark on a new adventure. It is an exciting time because we are filled with visions of what we want to accomplish. We can actually SEE ourselves in that new place. We cannot wait to get there because the vision is so great - our world opens up. This is a moment in time when we truly celebrate. We have made a decision to head in a really important direction. Woohoo!

A few people forge ahead and see continuing signs of success very quickly. For most others, it is not quite that simple. There is a learning curve just ahead that must be tackled in order to get to the extraordinary goal. This learning curve can be longer or more difficult than we imagined (or that we failed to even recall in our initial energized state).

Frustrations aside, we pursue with greater persistence. We have no choice! This is our life and our dream is so inspiring that it must be achieved. A few months go by and we are not quite reaching our initial goals. Okay, admittedly we had stars in our eyes when we originally manifested our idea and thought that it would be easy to reach our targets. And we are not quite there. We feel disappointed because we did not make it and it feels like a mini-failure.

This response is common; yet, it is a big mistake! The only thing we are failing to do is to recognize the momentum that we have created! The beginning of momentum is a sign that success is inevitable. We need to note and celebrate our progress because this is more important than meeting a strict and potentially arbitrary target that we set out in the beginning.

In addition, if we feel down and disappointed most of the time because we have not reached our targets these negative feelings rise to the surface. Even if they are hiding in your subconscious they find a way to permeate your outer layers and send off signals to the world. Sending off all the wrong messages makes it very difficult to get the results you are seeking out. Putting the focus back on momentum will side-step a lot of these negative emotions.

Momentum can be tracked in many ways. Take the time to properly analyze your progress and you will likely find numerous accomplishments. These can include shortcuts and ways to do things faster, healthier habits, increased connections, new systems, more revenue, new supportive relationships, personal development and even leadership skills. Just having the confidence that we can take inspiration, turn it into an idea and keep moving it forward propels us into a new place and opens up the space where we can believe that anything can be achieved as long as we persist and celebrate!

Has it been a while since you sat back and reflected on what you have achieved towards creating the career, lifestyle and world that is important to you?

What are you going to celebrate this week?


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