Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Your Face - Part 3 of 6

What are your lifestyle and hair habits?

You may look fantastic after you leave the salon wearing a new trendy celebrity hair style. But will you look fantastic after you have washed and styled your hair? The excitement of getting a new hair style sometimes overpowers us into an unreal reality. We imagine how we will look sporting the new layered hair style. How we will wear a certain outfit, with our hair perfectly styled in the new look. When reality hits--usually after the first shampoo---we are generally disillusioned with our hair style.

If you face reality before you have any scissors go near your hair, then you may be happier in the long run. Many lifestyle considerations must be evaluated with each type of celebrity hair style you may want.

  1. Are you extremely active or inactive? If you are constantly swimming, exercising, riding a motorcycle, you will require extra styling time and work to keep your celebrity hair styles looking good.
  2. What aspect of your hair would you like to enhance? (i.e. texture, volume, wave, length, color) These aspects have an important role in fine-tuning the hair style that best suits you.)
  3. How much time do you spend styling your hair every day? If you get a hair style that requires more styling time, will you be able (and willing) to put in the time?
  4. Are you good at dealing with your hair, or do you struggle with getting it to do certain things? If you struggle with your hair, you would not want to pick a high maintenance hair, i.e. lots of layering, curls as they will require extra work.
  5. Are you more comfortable with long or short styles? Sometimes we see a fantastic celebrity short hair style and desperately want the look. Remember that once you cut the hair off, it will take a long time to grow back. Of course there are hair extensions!
  6. How often do you shampoo/condition your hair? Referring to hair extensions above, if you want long, beautiful hair with hair extensions, be aware of the extra time needed to shampoo/condition your hair. And every time you shampoo/condition your hair, you will be re-styling it.
  7. Is your hair extremely dry or oily? Very dry hair may not hold up to constant flat ironing, curling irons, etc. If you need these appliances to create your celebrity hair style, be sure to deep-condition your hair regularly to combat the dryness. Extremely oily hair may not hold a curl, and will definitely cause issues with many hair extension methods. Be realistic about what you can do with your hair.
  8. Are you experiencing any type of unnatural hair loss? Hair loss can be camouflaged by your hair style. Don't pick a hair style that will accentuate your hair loss or thinning. Be sure to look into various hair loss treatments. If caught early, many hair loss situations can be reversed or at least halted.
  9. Do you have any cowlicks or a natural and persistent part? No matter what hair style you get, you will need to consider these issues. Adapt the hair style you are looking for to accommodate any imperfections in your hair.
  10. You have picked a celebrity hair style that you want. Do you know what the styling requirements are to get your hair to look like that every day?
In short, you should consider these 10 lifestyle and hair habits factors before getting a celebrity hair style. Be realistic in what you can do with your hair. Stay tuned for Best Celebrity Hair Styles for Your Face- Part 4 Searching for the hair styles you like.


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