Skincare Review: Prevage Day and Night Creams

A couple of months ago some renewed and revamped Elizabeth Arden Prevage products were launched (read about it here) and since then I've been using the Prevage Day Intensive Anti Ageing Moisture Cream SPF30 (R985) and Prevage Anti Ageing Restorative Night Cream (R1085).

I decided to ignore all the other lotions and potions that are waiting to be reviewed (that was very hard), and I've been using these two creams for about 7 weeks now. I did this to give it a proper 'trial', and because the ingredients are quite active - I wanted peak performance from them.

Prevage Day Intensive Anti Ageing Moisture Cream SPF30
Clever packaging, hey?

One of the main innovations when relaunching was to switch from Idebenone to Idebenone Esters - the active ingredient is 'padded', if you will, making penetration gentler, and release slower. This makes for a product that's easier to tolerate - more sensitive skin types that previously reacted to the active ingredient should now be able to use Prevage products. Don't think it's less effective now though - if anything, its more active because the Idebenone is now dispersed in a time-release fashion, meaning you'll get anti-oxidant action for a way longer period than before.

Prevage Anti Ageing Restorative Night Cream. Even MORE
clever packaging.

My Experience: It's still a pretty potent product, and I had some tingling/burning a few days after I started using the day and night cream. I stepped it down a notch and set the night cream aside for a week, which improved it immediately, and then started over again. This time round my skin tolerated it very well, and I've been enjoying the rich textures. There is also a definite improvement in skin tone - pigmentation is less obvious, and overall texture seems smoother and healthier than its been in over a year now. The creams definitely are for dry skins though - especially the day cream - so if you're towards the combination side (or prone to breakouts) rather use one of the other creams from the line. I also LOVE the SPF30 in the day cream - ingredients this active normally make me quite nervous about 'missing a spot' when applying sunscreen over moisturiser.

It was definitely worth ignoring all the other pretty creams and serums that have been waiting patiently to be reviewed. I used it far from sparingly, making sure my neck and decolleté were also included, since that's where most of my sun damage is. The day cream is just about finished, but I can still get a few weeks out of the night cream. Some of those pretty lotions and potions will just have to wait a little longer ;)

C xx


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