Hair Tutorial: Two Ways to do the Fashionable Messy Ballet Bun

If you like the high-fashion messy-but-chic buns that are hot news right now (but love your hair too much to tease and abuse it) you've come to the right place.

You'll need: A Denman bun ring (R40, DisChem), bobby pins,
two hair bands (one was in my hair already).

Method one (Traditional Method): Most suitable for fine, thin and shorter hair.

Step 1: Pull hair into a ponytail and secure with elastic band. Make sure the ponytail is at the height you would like the bun to be.

Step 2: Slip the bun ring (pictured above) through the ponytail, and hold in place with one hand (pictured below).

Step 3: Spread hair evenly in all directions around the bun ring, and secure with another hair band (picture below).

Step 4: Take the hair strands that are sticking out from underneath the elastic, and start wrapping them around and tucking them in. Use bobby pins to secure them. 

Step 5: When you're done, you can mess the bun up as much or as little as you want by scrunching the bun-part or tugging at a few strands of hair, until you have acheived your desired look.

This method did not work for me - my hair is too long, too thick, and too straight, it seems - there was way more hair outside of the bun than inside, making for an awkward-looking tower on my head (pictured below).

I decided to improvise.

Method two (Poppie Method): Most suitable for longer, thicker hair

Steps 1 and 2: as above

Step 3: Spread hair evenly in all directions around the bun, but instead of securing with an elastic band, start tucking in strands of hair under the bun with bobby pins - don't worry about the ends yet.

Step 4: When you've gone all the way round and you look like a peacock, start gathering the remaining loose ends with more bobby pins (you might even attempt a hair band at this stage if you're hair is really long, just make sure you keep wrapping and tucking hair around it.

Step 5: Scrunch and tug if it's not messy enough. End result is pictured below. Next time (which is probs tomorrow, I might be hooked now) I'm going to make it a little higher.

What do you think?

C xx


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