Review: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter

If you haven't spotted Benefit's funky Vintage packaging, go have a look in any major Woolies' cosmetic department - you'll be sure to want everything. And they really do have all the pretty things you can imagine lusting after - from primers and concealers to blushers, eyeshadows, highlighters and mascaras.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl

But back to Girl Meets Pearl... I love this illuminating miracle worker because it is pink with gold flecks. This way you have your enlivening, youthful sheen (pink) as well as warmth and extra light reflection (gold). It's always difficult to capture illuminators/highlighters on camera, but I tried:

Swatch: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

You (hopefully) get the idea

It doesn't slide off, the shimmer is beautiful and it does a great job of enhancing good features. Remember that, unless you're on the red carpet, less highlighter is more - accentuate a few contours like the cheek bones, brow bones and collar bones. Never use highlighter over areas with imperfections (large pores, fine lines, breakouts) as it will most definitely accentuate them. Also remember to keep the rest of your skin perfectly matte when you're using a product like this - oily disco ball is not a good look on anybody. Apply on its own or over foundation.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl is available from Woolworths, RRP R295

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