Yardley Makes it Easy to Layer Your Perfume Scent With 'Layers of Luxury'

Yardley sent me a Russian Nesting Doll style box o' Lace goodies - A box within a box within a box (don't worry Mother Earth, I'll reuse and recycle them), which ended up housing a whole set of Yardley Lace products wrapped up in a soft Pashmina. I hadn't smelt Lace in ages, and when I opened the first bottle I immediately recognised it as one of my gran's favourites - a soft, powdery scent that is super feminine.

Exhibit A: Russian Nesting Dolls (source)

But more on the layering. Yardley have now expanded their product offering of old favourites like Lace, White Satin, Gorgeous, Ballet and You're the Fire. They recommend adding a delicate layer of one product upon another upon another... This will give your scent a stronger impact, and make it linger longer.

Yardley Lace Layers of Luxury products

The product offering consists of:

Roll-on (R18)
Perfumed Body Spray (R30)
Body Lotion (R26 - R36 for HUGE bottles)
EDT and EDP (R100- R220, ranging from 15ml-50ml, only available in Lace, White Satin, Ballet)

Want some? Yardley's layers of luxury fragrance range will be on shelf from August 2012. I think they're v affordable gifts - you can make up a nice packet for an aunt/gran/older colleague for under R100 if you leave out the actual perfume.

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