Review: Mama Mio Omega Body Buff

I'm slowly working my way through the products in my OMG kit, and so far the product that has impressed me most is O•Mega Body Buff.

Mama Mio Omega Body Buff

I generally prefer sugar- or salt scrubs in a vegetable oil base, but this scrub has me hooked. It contains Sweet Almond Oil, Vit E, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and some more things I don't really care about. Because it's a SCRUB. And to be a good scrub, it has to contain the right amount of abrasive. This one contains the perfect amount of Micro Ground Pumice. The test? With all exfoliators, I scrub my upper arms, and see (a) how well and (b) for how long it sorts out the bumps and rough texture (It's called Keratosis Pilaris, and I wrote a story on it for Beauty South Africa, click over here if you would like to read it).

The verdict? This one leaves even my often-bumpy arms super smooth for up to a week (I usually have to scrub them twice a week to keep them that way). It has a orangey scent that reminds me of some medicine I drank as a child (I'm thinking it was antibiotics?) so I'm not completely in love with the scent, but it's most likely because of the association I'm making. It's a great, gritty-enough scrub that rinses easily and does not leave the skin feeling dry. Is it too early to start putting things on my Christmas list?

Available from selected spas and skincare salons at a RRP of R395 for 200ml. To locate a stockist, visit this page.

C xx


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