Benefit Products No Longer Available in South Africa

August will be a v depressing month. Not only am I being dragged to kicking and screaming to go live in Gauteng (OK OK I'm lying, I'm leaving by choice), but Benefit cosmetics will also no longer be available locally in Woolies stores.

I'll miss my favourites:

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter
Review of this product over here

Benefit High Beam Highlighter.
Review of a good dupe over here

Benefit Finding Mr Bright Highlighting Kit -
this was my initial introduction to Benefit products,
and it got me hooked faster than you can say crack addict

I'm also already kicking myself for not trying more of their products like I intended to. Now I'm torn between running into the biggest Woolies I can find while uttering primal screams and buying everything I've always wanted to try, or just making my peace and pretending I never knew about it. If I were to choose option A, these would be on my list:

Brow-zings kit in dark

Dandelion Highlighting Powder

Hervana Multi Blush

So long Benefit. It's been real.

C xx

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