Crazy Fashion Trends

Okay, I'm all about keeping up with the latest fashion trends ... that is, if my wallet allows it.  There is some craziness going on out there ladies.  Tell me what you think.  What one's do you like, what one's do you think are a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

Cardboard Shoes
I'm all about recycling, saving the planet and using fewer trees as possible.  However, cardboard shoes I'm not too terribly sure about.  Can't wear them in the rain cause you know, will kind of get all soggy and talk about wear and tear ... sorry, couldn't help myself.

Bust Bag
Talk about being BUSTED, well this is right up there ... I absolutely love bustiers but I don't think I'd want to carry one around in public.

I always wondered if someone sat around in a room somewhere deciding what body part could be tattooed next.  Perhaps this is to help your partner find a certain body part in the dark.  Can you guess what would fit in the circle?  I swear, I'm not making this stuff up!

Hamburger Dress
Talk about taking a bite out of fashion!  But this isn't my idea of trendy.  Wouldn't buy it.  Wouldn't wear it.  Designer Joy Kampia O'Shell, came up with this colorful crocheted hamburger dress. Fashionable ... NO!  Cheesey ... YES!

      The blue/white mix and match pants below ... REALLY !!! Kind of makes me think the designer couldn't quite make up their mind.  This is definitely not a look that would be appealing for any body shape ... oh wait ... stick thin perhaps.

Now this is kind of cute and most definitely would make a statement.  Paula Abdul took product placement to a whole new level when she carried this kooky clutch down the red carpet. My only concern would be, what do you put in it OR, what will it hold?
Pepsi Purse


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