Shimansky Organic Collection

If I had a couple of hundred grand lying around in my jewellery budget, I would most certainly spend it on these instead of shiny yellow gold diamondy things (I'll have you know I've had a R600k Shimansky on my ring finger. I felt nothing. But the ring that I'm inheriting from my mom one day when she dies of natural causes at the age of 95 is different - that one I'll wave in front of you're faces).

They're made from 18 carat white gold with rose- and brilliant cut diamonds, and the items pictured are priced between R52 000 and R132 000. The full collection is exclusive to Shimansky V&A and the newly revamped Clocktower store.

Shimansky Organic Earrings

Shimansky Organic Earrings

Shimansky Organic Rings

As you were.

C xx


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