Essence Gel Style Nail Stickers

I tried these before a big night out this past Saturday. The stickers are see through, and as per the  recommendations I painted a layer of lilac-pink polish underneath. Have a look (but not too closely - my cuticles look dire, as I had just cleaned up excess nail polish with a nail corrector pen and I didn't immediately realise they look so horrid):

Essence Gel Style Nail Sticker 01 -
It's called Cult Object from Cape Town :)

I think they look really cool, but I'm sad to say they only lasted a few hours before they started peeling off. I'm definitely trying it again without nail polish, since I have my suspicions about this - they didn't peel off from the nail polish, they came off together with the nail polish, like solid little false nails. 

Essence Gel Style Nail Stickers in
Cult Object From Cape Town, R30

Application tip: I found filing them difficult - trimming them with good old nail clippers was the easiest way to go.

Essence Cosmetics are available from Clicks and DisChem stores.

C xx


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