3D/Kawaii Nail Art: The Latest in Ridiculous Nail Trends

I apologise in advance. It seems that we mostly have the Japanese to blame for this - the Kawaii culture embraces everything that is overly cute, since it is seen as attractive. Think Hello Kitty meets Teletubbies on serious steriods. There are even tendencies to speak and giggle in overly high pitched voices, and carry around stuffed toys to come across as more coy and cute. This is done BY MEN AND WOMEN IN THEIR 20'S AND 30'S. Vomtastic.

Kawaii Nail Art (source)

3D Bubble Nail Art (source)

Garden Nails. I dare you to wipe your ass with that.
I'm sorry, I have no filters - but you must have been
thinking it too? (source)

Fruity 3D Nail Art (source)

Blackjack Nails? I guess so. (source)

How do you acheive this fun, stylish look? A nail technician can sculpt the 3D object with Acrylics, you can buy and stick on 3D nail stickers, or you can use these things:


You slice away and stick it on. "But why stop there?", the website asks. You can also adorn your iphone, laptop and any other items in your house. Nice.

You're welcome.

C xx


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