Want to spend some time with Connie Ferguson on 'The Wild' set?

Connie is the brand ambassador for the Garnier Even range, and if you share your best even skin tone secret with her, she'll share a few of her tricks with you. The winner will get to spend a day on set with Connie, where I'm sure there will be plenty of time to milk her for secrets.

Even Complexion Secrets, who me?
Connie Ferguson for Garnier

I don't have the ultimate secret to even skin, but the best one I have to contribute would most certainly be applying sunscreen come rain or shine. Not only do I apply sunscreen, I go to ridiculous extremes to avoid direct sunlight on my face and arms, because I spontaneously burst into sunspots whenever I spend just a few minutes in the sun(think: a drive with the window down, a walk down the road, accidentally sitting in the sun when we're having lunch outdoors, etc).

Competition closes 31 August. For details, visit this website.

C xx


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