Are These Leopard Print Nails Too Ghetto?

I'm a fan of nail wraps/nail polish strips in general. Of the Sally Hansen ones, I particularly like the Zebra (another animal print, yes) and Houndstooth designs. And quite a few people seem to like these, but I think this particular leopard print is way too ghetto for me. Can we discuss this?

Ghetto Nails?
Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips in Kitty, Kitty.

Does my thumb look big in this?
Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips in Kitty, Kitty.

Yes? No? Need Proof? Do a Google image search for 'Ghetto Nails'. The second image you'll see is this one:

Ghetto Animal Print Nails (source)

And then you don't have to scroll down far to see this:

Ghetto Fabulous Nails (source)

What I want to know from my fashion forward readers: Does the fact that it's a more subtle leopard print make any difference to its ghetto rating? Now is probably a good time to say that it's ever so slightly shinier than it looks in the pic. Ghetto ratings out of 5 and comments are now welcome. 

C xx

PS - I just heard that the Sally Hansen nail polish strips was a promotional line, and will no longer be available in SA. Pout Pout. I also may have heard that they're launching a new line with a celeb in September. I shall keep you posted.

PPS - There are MUCH scarier things to be seen when image searching ghetto nails, but I succeeded (for once) not to veer off topic.


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