Dark & Lovely Launches New Colour Intensity Hair Tint

I can't test this one myself, but I thought I'd let you know that Dark & Lovely just launched 6 Permanent Hair Colour shades in addition to their treatment products. D & L are seen as the leaders in African haircare, and have nearly 40 years experience in Afro-specific haircare.

They've launched 6 shades that have been tailor made to the tastes and skin tones of the South African market. The shades are Radiant Copper, Spicy Red, Magic Plum, Spicy Brown, Original Black and Super Black. The colours have also been tried and tested in South Africa for optimal efficiency. It requires no special after care, making it affordable to the mass market, and it contains olive oil for nourishment and softness.

Dark and Lovely Spicy Red 

Dark and Lovely Magic Plum

Dark and Lovely Radiant Copper. I really dig this colour.

I'm thrilled that the packaging looks quite good (come on, it's frowned upon when a white girl brings it up but 'ethnic' hair and beauty products almost always draws the short straw of the packaging budget, even though it amounts for a massive chunk of the market in SA). The good part? Although I'm still waiting on confirmation of the retail price, I'll stick my neck out and say I bet it will be at most half the price of 'regular' hair colour. You win some, you lose some in this twisted world of ours. I'm also finding the models on the boxes a tad pale for a South African product, but luckily we all have learnt the hard way know the model on a hair colour box is to be completely ignored.

Available in 100ml tubes, and the three brighter colours pictured are also available in 60ml touch-up tubes.

C xx

UPDATE: RRP R25 for 100ml and R17 for 60ml 


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