#NOTD: Velvet (or Flock) Nails

The crazy nail trends keep on coming - also known as care bear nails, fluffy sweater nails, fuzzy nails...

I'm convinced this person killed the
Elmo suit. And it's relatives (source)

Fuzzy Nails in the ombre skittle trend.
That's three trends. My head is spinning (source)

Lady Gaga nails, this lady says. But of course, I say (source)

This one has a tutorial, should you be interested (source).
I like the texture of this one best, for what it's worth.

How does this work? Glad you asked. You apply a layer (or layers) of nail varnish, and then quickly dip it into/pour over Flocking powder (which is pulverised wool or felt that you can get from a craft shop, google tells me) while it's still very wet. If it sounds a lot like the technique used for fish egg/caviar manicure - you're right, it's identical. Ciaté will also be launching their own kits soon in the US and UK - not too sure if and when SA will be getting it.

I'll assume it's something one would wear for short periods, on special occasions. But what if I need to wash my hands? Or pick something from my teeth? The thought of that texture on my teeth just gave me the shivers. And I can totally see my eye liner and foundation staining that fluffy stuff. Not too sure I see this happening. It's not you, fluffy stuff, it's me...

C xx


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