Review: Moya Buchu Detox Bath Oil

I'm baaaaa-aaaack....

I'm also very cold, like the rest of South Africa, which is a very good reason to indulge in a hot bath every so often. And as much as I like my cheap and nasty foam baths, they're not helping my itch-prone winter skin, so I'm dabbling in all kinds of oil-based bath products at the moment.

I love that Moya's Buchu bath oil is made up of plant oils only. The ingredient list is very simple: cold pressed Grape Seed oil, with extracts of Buchu, Cape Geranium, Juniper Berry and Lemon oils. The oil is incredibly softening, and it eliminates the need for body lotion application afterwards - which suits me just fine, since I prefer to jump into my clothes as soon as possible to preserve the heat I had just accumulated. In fact, my skin was still just as soft the next day, even after a shower.

How much detoxifying is taking place, is not something I would be able to tell you - I have no way of measuring that. I'm using it purely for the pampering and skin softening properties* That said, it surely is a potent mixture - my hand slipped with my last bath, resulting in a slight overdosage, and I had a Buchu-scented bathroom for a good two days.

Moya products are available from Woolworths (RRP R178), online from Moya, and from selected salons and spas.

*I do not believe that any detoxifying quick fixes carry any merit whatsoever, and this has nothing to do with Moya.

C xx


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