How To Deal With Intimidating People

Dealing with intimidating personalities, overly assertive individuals and threatening characters is difficult for anyone.  However, being a woman does not mean you have to be dominated, coerced, excluded, humiliated, controlled or, taken advantage of.  Frightening?  It most definitely can be depending on the situation and the individual you’re standing toe-to-toe with.

Are there ways to contend with a person whose physique is as intimidating as their mindset?  Sadly, women are easy targets.  The first step is recognizing whether or not you are in an abusive situation or one of those noted above.  In an abusive situation (not just a relationship) power and control are repeatedly misused by an abuser. Visit this link  and check out the Power and Control Wheel under Publications.  If you feel you fall into one of those categories, this is a wonderful site where phone numbers and assistance can be found.

Listed below are a few suggestions that may help.

-  Owning your power is a very good start.  Showing that you are a confident person and not easily intimidated without appearing threatening is one way of getting your point across.  Fear is an emotion that backs you into a corner.  Humor is a great diffuser if given in an assertive tone.  “I may be a woman but, I’m no pushover.”   

- In today’s environment, women regardless of their size should know the basics of self defense.  If you're petite, the likelihood of encountering an aggressive individual more than once in your life time is highly likely.  Knowledge brought Goliath to his knees, not brute force.  Check your community college, church, local gym, adult education center or YWCA for classes.  Gather together a committed list of 30 women and ask your local police department to give demonstrations for free.

- Honest communication is the best policy and gaining respect is sometimes just as simple as demanding it.  Shift the dynamic by looking them in the eye, relay in a calm yet, intense manner that their actions are not appreciated and will not be tolerated.  In most situations a person is controlling because you allow it.


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