With Heels You're Sexy & You It

What woman doesn't simply adore heels?  Spring is just around the corner ladies and it is a season that always leaves me gasping and pining for some of the most lust-worthy slingbacks and platforms imaginable.  Now that fashion week has come and gone, like me you're probably a little "faint of heart" the latest couture styles seen on the runways are way, way, way too extravagant.  I have to agree that as much as they are gorgeous, top designers can run any where from $500 ~ $1,000. 

We've done a little research and put together a few samples of what the top name designers have in store this upcoming season for those of you who may argue, however,"Money may not be able to buy you love, but it sure can buy you some sassy, sexy heels!"

Alexander McQueen

Jimmy Choo



Yves Saint Laurent

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