Review: Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection for Women

In a game of 30 seconds, if you say Polo shirt; I'd say Ralph Lauren. That's the association I make.  I imagine preppy, muscular boys in toit polo shirts gazing into the distance, and google agrees with me: 

This is a slim fit custom Polo shirt, just to you know

Lately, I've been thinking about the brand a little differently - mainly because I've been dousing myself in a cloud of Big Pony to suit my mood. That seems to be the message behind the concept: four fragrances with different 'personalities' to suit your mood. Ideally, you would have all of them lined up on your dresser, and you'd pick the one that works for you that day. It seems to be the way most fragrance houses are leaning - no more single signature scent, but rather picking a suitable scent for the mood/occasion.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance Collection for Women

No 1 is Sporty, with Grapefruit and Blue Lotus
No 2 is Sensual, with Cranberry and Tonka Mousse
No 3 is Free Spirited, with Pear and Mimosa
No 4 is Sophisticated, with Cherry and Amber

The models for the Big Pony for Women Fragrance Campaign:
Sporty, Sensual, Free Spirited, Sophisticated (image source)

I don't dislike any of the fragrances, they're all 'safe' smells which makes them great gifts in my opinion - nothing is over the top and they're well balanced. My favourites are numbers 3 and 4, but then I've always been the slightly odd one, and I veer towards the older side of their target market (older = sophisticated in perfumery, as in many other things). But I really do enjoy all four of them. The only thing I don't like is the large, brightly coloured numbers on the bottles - they look cool on the box, but not so much on the bottle. In my opinion, of course.

Available from mid August, prices range from R470 for 30ml to R750 for 100ml EDT.

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