Hello Kitty Beauty Spa

Guys, this is way too pink and frilly for me. But a Parisian themed Hello Kitty spa exists in Dubai.

Hello Kitty Spa Reception

Hello Kitty Spa, Dubai

This spa offers Kitty-cures (to leave your hands oh-so-cute), a Toe-tally perfect pedicure, and even Hair-dooz for special occasions. You can also book pamper parties, or buy a voucher for your BFF (they explain in brackets that it means Best Friend Forever, in case you are a moron).

Is that Hello Kitty I see on the flatscreen in the background? I need to curl up with a bottle of hard liquor for a little while now. Via Daily Mail.

C xx

PS - I'm not entirely opposed to the odd novelty item. But then there are things like these, which I can only assume are strictly for die hard fans:

Hello Kitty Arm Warmers, anyone?

Hello Kitty Golf Ball

Hello Kitty Licence Plate Frame FOR YOUR CAR

Hello Kitty Toaster

Damn you Kawaii. All available from this online store.


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