Omega Select ~ The Ultimate Surprise

One thing The Girlz Korner is not … a review blog.  There are times, however, when the product warrants stepping outside the box because it deserves the recognition.  I could copy information from a website directly but honest praise should rise from personal experience.

I have been living with high blood pressure for nearly 5 years, mostly induced from stress I can’t seem to escape.  It’s hard to control what goes on in your life sometimes, losing a high paying job and your home to foreclosure, supporting and caring for a parent diagnosed with breast cancer, not being able to land full time employment, and the lack of medical insurance have been ongoing factors.  I suffered a mild stroke two years ago because of the stress and luckily walked away with no debilitating effects. 
When I was approached a month ago to try Omega Select, I have to admit I was leery at first.  There are many inferior fish oil supplements out there.  My hope was this product would help me reach a better quality of life and fast.  It did more than that.  My starting blood pressure was 170/98.  The left side of my face was numb every day, all day.  I also experienced a strong tingling sensation that ran up and down the length of my jaw.  I was moments away from stroking out again and possibly meeting The Grim Reaper face-to-face.

Thirty days to the letter, my pressure has maintained a steady 140/82 … more than a major improvement I’d say.  I’m also exercising daily and watching what I eat.  PLUS, I’ve noticed that my skin is more vibrant looking.  To learn more about this exceptional supplement, you can check out their website. I’m confident, you won’t be disappointed.


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