How To Handle a Know-It-All

Know-It-All - a person who believes they have an accurate comprehension of a topic or situation when in reality, they’re knowledge isn’t worth a plug nickel or rather limited. 

Hello people! Know anyone like that … someone who won't let you get a word in edgewise, monopolizes the conversation or always correcting you?  Man, these people are exhausting and annoying!  They always know what’s right, always preoccupied with numero uno, can do it better and in most instances, no matter how many correct ways there is to doing something … you got it … their way is bet-ter.

So what do you do … tell them, “Will you shut the hell up!” Perhaps walk away and leave them talking to themselves or slap a strip of masking tape over their mouth.  Tempting solutions yes but, here’s a few more diplomatic approaches.

1. Cut them off with a passive BUT, “Okay I see why you might think that, but, this is how I see it.  You’re still acknowledging their input while politely expressing yours. 

2. Stay cool.  These types of individuals are really difficult to shut down because they have massive egos and will argue their point until they’re blue in the face.  Never say to them, “You’re wrong,” or remark “I’ve heard just about enough of this bull.”  Try countering with, “Well on the Today show, Dr. Oz indicated,” or “This is what I know to be true/heard.”

3. Exit with a closing.  My favorite shut down, “I guess at this point we just have to agree to disagree, my friend.”

4. It is what it is.  Internalizing that it’s not worth getting your dander up and simply letting it go is healthier for you.  You also have the choice not to listen and participate knowing you’ll never see eye-to-eye.  They can’t help who they are.  It’s genetic so, why bother.  


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