Laid Off

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

My husband lost his job just before the holidays, and it hit our family really hard. Obviously the loss of a job is always a difficult blow but having it happen right before Christmas was especially difficult. We had to sit down with our kids and have a very serious discussion about how we’d have to cut back for a little while but we’d be able to make it through as a family.

The kids have been phenomenal. We had a very pared down Christmas compared to what we usually do, and they haven’t acted upset about it at all. We also started searching for ways to be more frugal, and actually discovered that since we live in Texas we can select a new energy provider that can offer us cheaper rates! It is such an easy thing to do but we definitely started seeing a pretty immediate savings. Between that and our bargain shopping, we saved a ton of money over the last couple of months.

My husband got a call last week from a company he’s been interviewing with—they made him a job offer! He started back to work immediately and couldn’t be happier. It’s actually been one of the best things that could have happened to us. If you find yourself facing a similar situation, or just want to save a little money, check out Just Energy Electric for Amarillo Tx.


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