FAT Gets Bad Rap

For the past decade we have been inundated with every weight loss plan, pill, exercise and drink that is guaranteed to give us an hour glass figure. Now I've been around long enough to realize that "empty promises" don't guarantee quick, satisfying results.  What I have learned is, if you take the time to understand your body's requirements, you'll most definitely be able to transform yourself and maintain an attractive figure well into your Golden Years.

FAT is a necessity.  I know, I know I speaketh a dirty word.  Please ... no hate mail!  However ladies, our bods require it.  It provides energy so we can be the mega women we need to be daily.  It's essential to maintain those fatty acids our bodies must have to absorb soluble vitamins like A, S, E and K.  Did you know it helps the food we eat stay in our stomachs longer so we feel satisfied?  If your diet is too low in fat, it can trigger those dreaded cravings and a sense of still being hungry. FAT is getting a bad rap because so many of us don't understand its importance.

The Center for Disease Control stipulates most of the fat eaten should come from unsaturated sources like Omega 3 (walnuts, flaxseed, fish and soybean/canola oil).  I bet there are quite a few of you out there who despise the smell, look, feel and taste of fish though.  Not to worry, other options abound.  I've discovered there is a rather unique substitution for herring, salmon, trout and the commonly known fish oil.  There is a tiny shrimp-like animal inhabiting cold ocean areas around the world but primarily, the Antarctic and North Pacific Oceans called krill.  Its oil extract has many more benefits than the commonly known fish oil.
  1. Better absorption
  2. Powerful Antioxidant Protection known as astaxanthin
  3. Pollution Free
  4. Highly renewable source – Would be very hard to over harvest
  5. Less likely to go rancid
  6. NO fishy after taste
To learn more about this rather unique Omega 3 and its benefits, visit  http://krilloil.com/krill-oil-benefits.html


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