Night Owl or Early Bird

Which are you?  Do you find it really hard to get acclimated in the morning?  If you don't start your day off on the right foot, let's face it, there isn't much hope for it ending on a happy note.  Some of us are simply morning people.  We rise with a smile on our face, a skip to our walk and whistling out the door to begin our day.  Then there are those who constantly hit the doze button, suck down way too much java to jump start their day and usually don't find their "mojo" kicking in until well after noon time.  

Whether you're a night owl or a morning lark, there are some healthy things you can do to boost your energy up a notch and start your day off right.

Lighten up. Now come on.  You know it's true.  Singing in the shower or on your way to work will put you in a better frame of mind.  Browse through the funnies or read the joke for the day to crack yourself up.  Good vibes will improve your mood.  

Gas It Up.  Start out your day with a good breakfast.  Like your car, your body needs gas to get moving.  A serving of fresh fruit or juice, complex carbohydrates from oats or other whole grains, and a protein source such as low-fat dairy or a handful of nuts.   Don't have the time?  Not an excuse ... prepare a smoothie the night before and drink it on the go.

Cut Down The Caffeine.   Yes, it'll help wake you up ... within limits though.  The last thing you want is be too wired.  Too much caffeine can lead to headaches, the jitters, nervousness, feeling sleepy later and even irregular heartbeats.  Energy drinks aren't any better and offer five times as much. Caffeine is a diuretic in large amounts, so sip water to counter it because even mild dehydration saps your energy.

Get Some Zzzzz.  The needed hours of sleep each night is 7.  Lack or less of can make us less productive, clumsy and prone to obesity and disease. Catching up on the weekends won't help either.  The key is following a healthy routine just like we create for our children.  Just because we're older, doesn't mean our bodies require less. 

"Go to the light."  Not talking crossing over to the other side here ladies.  Believe it or not, sunlight triggers hormonal changes in our brains that make us alert, regulate our internal clocks and also improve out mental performance.  If you can, try getting up a little bit earlier to take a quick walk or eat breakfast by a sunny window. If you commute in the dark, pop outside later to take a morning sun break.

Exercise.   Brisk walking with give you an immediate boost, and regular exercise offers a lasting high. Aim for at least 2.5 hours of brisk exercise a week. Even 10-minute sessions yield rewards. Remember, you just need it in your life morning, noon or later in the day.


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